Brian Toner & Mitch Ray Tristan AKA Angela Tristan – Birmingham, Alabama

Mitch Ray Tristan AKA Angela Tristan cheated on her husband Armando Julio Tristan with Brian Toner who is a convicted felon and lives in Southside in Birmingham, Alabama. Mitch Tristan abandoned her children to be with…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Alabama By: [ Grey Star Level] Sep 12, 2019

Chris Broadnax — Birmingham, Alabama

This loser has repeatedly abandoned his child and dodged DHR so they cannot even find him to serve him. Meanwhile this asshole invests money trying to launch an urban magazine he calls Hot Sauce Magazine. His…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Alabama By: [ Grey Star Level] Sep 10, 2019

Anthony Rodriguez Jones — Montgomery, Alabama

Anthony Rodriguez Jones is a 32 year old native of Montgomery, AL during our relationship he was verbally, mentally & physically abusive (even while I was pregnant with his child) He is a very angry &…
Answers No Sightings or Comments In: Alabama By: [ Grey Star Level] Sep 9, 2019

Amy Dickerson — Elkmont, Alabama

Amy is a known liar and cheater, can’t keep a man for herself and currently sponges off her friends who lives in Elkmont, Alabama. Overlooks policy is strict and the way she runs men in and…

Charlie Burns — Alabama

This is Charlie Burns.. he cheated on me with Karen Hallmark for months. But jokes on here. Cause he was still seeing another woman besides her.. good luck with him..

Nathan Brasher — Oxford, Alabama

Found out he played me, just found out he has girlfriend name Magen Carroll. Cheater and plagiarizer, Nathan Brasher, from Oxford, Alabama, is a sex addict who will deny his girlfriend, Nathan Brasher, to sleep with…
Answers 1 Comment In: Alabama,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level] Aug 6, 2019

Eric Bevelle — Pelham, Alabama

Cheated on his wife with women he met on Ashley Madison. Scum bucket. Talked bad about his wife to these women. Saying she spends all his money on their daughters modeling career. He’s short. Has a…
Answers 2 Comments In: Alabama,Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level] Jun 29, 2019

Cassidy Winfrey — Cullman, Alabama

Cassidy was never pregnant but claimed to be, she wanted to test a scam she heard about from her slutty friend, one where you try and extort money from some married bastard, who's cheating on his…

Amy Reeves — Dothan, Alabama

She gave up black guys to fuck a cheater from work and give him STD's. This sweetheart goes by the name of Amy Reeves, a round the way tramp who who used to be a homey…

Judy Martin — Birmingham, Alabama

Judy wants to get married for the dick, even though she was fucking another teacher for years. She is an award winning cheater. She wants a principal or assistant principal position or lover. Married guys serve…

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