Carol Schuster — Kouts, Indiana




When this old grandma stripper was turned into a housewife, all Carol’s friends gasped in disbelief. They didn’t think she could be bought. She had a string of cheaters lined up every night, not making it rain but dropping enough cash to buy her more and more g-strings and outfits. This grandma already had tons of stripperwear and started renting out her older outfits to the new girls. All her work was payed for by regulars, her lips, her b***s, her nails. A new attitude wasn’t affordable and yet she got turned into a nagging housewife who want to credit herself for her husbands’ success when all she does is nag and spend, typical b***h. From a stripper to a house Ho, Carol sits on her a*s all day watching tv and home shopping. She finally got off her feet and still b*****s about everything in life. Typical narcissist, her therapist is her dogs.


Hiding out in: Deadbeats,Indiana By: [ Grey Star Level]

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