Anthony Seme




Anthony Seme is a s*x crazed psycho path that will do anything at all costs to ruin and wreck your life. For 4 years I dealt with his abuse and degrading ad nausea. The times where he would expect me to suck his contact close and think I wouldn’t notice the smell of p***y and c*m or even latex( at least he used. Condom that time) on his d**k. You can’t tell a pregnant b***h that she doesn’t know what p***y smells like. The only thing that kept me holding on was his constant threats to me and my family and having my son taken from me if u stopped seeing him. And he’s a serial bank robber!!! I already tried to rat him out because he deserves to be behind bars. But some one else’s s doing time for some of the crimes he commited


Hiding out in: Deadbeats By: [ Grey Star Level]

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