Anthony Rodriguez Jones — Montgomery, Alabama




Anthony Rodriguez Jones is a 32 year old native of Montgomery, AL during our relationship he was verbally, mentally & physically abusive (even while I was pregnant with his child) He is a very angry & violent (mostly towards women) He claims to make plenty money off of rapping! However he has never given me a penny for his daughters needs! His excuse is he has to get his life together before he can take care of her. I wasnt given that opportunity! He even had the audacity to call me & ask for the ss# of his child that he had never seen so he could claim her on his taxes cause I couldn’t find a job at the time. He was working at Target stocking baby items but never bout his new born a thing! But was willing to use her for his financial gain! He saw her once & held her for less than 5 minuets (this was in July of 2012, she was born in September of 2011 9mth earlier) I now have full custody of her after he contested me moving to another state to get my master degree & called to say he was gonna shoot me in the face, bury me & my baby, rob my boyfriend & kill my mother! His rap aliase is king38hot but he’s more of an angry peasant! He was ordered to pa, only $215 a month cause he makes $7.25 hr working at Zaxby’s! He lives in Berry Hill apartments with his cousin so they slit rent & bills but he says he can’t afford to provide for his daughter yet he buys illegal drugs, cigarettes & alcohol! He is a pathetic being who likes to use males & females for s*x & whatever he can get! I got a restraining order, full custody & he can’t contact me or my child!


Hiding out in: Alabama By: [ Grey Star Level]

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