Amanda Lindsey — Albany, Oregon




Amanda Lindsey sent my husband numerous texts saying she loved him even while she was making up lies to make herself look better than the real cheating c**t she is, time for her to lie on Facebook and be in bed f*****g, by the time my husband got home from work to read the Dear honey letter she left before sneaking off in the middle of the day. An amazingly nasty b***h, Amanda didn’t have the courage to let her man know she wanted to f**k someone else, just kept letting him pay the bills while she set up a new home with a clueless man who should probably expect to catch a disease from his new, cheating b***h, Amanda. She deserves the lowlife-of-the-year award. When she looks in the mirror, she must wonder what morals and basic human decency are, how she doesn’t seem to have either, how she missed out completely.


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Amanda Lindsey f***s married men in and around Albany, Oregon

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