Amanda Bozzi – Cranston, Rhode Island




Amanda layed down with someone, my husband fell over for the tramp. Her p***y is now known to him. That p***y and its absence will always be remembered by me. I felt so much for him. But, I live my life for me. I worked hard for our relationship…now he’s free…I’m still angry and will be for awhile. But, thankfully he didn’t pass along herpes or aids, that was the scary thing, not knowing. Amanda can stand up with him, at the alter if they choose. He’ll cheat on her too, the first time he drinks a little booze. They deserve each other.


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That’s a b***h who will cheat for a poem and a glass of cheap wine, silly s**t til the c**k sucking lead to the f*****g and the f*****g lead to more alcohol and more alcohol lead to flipping her over and ride her from the back. Hair pulling is only acceptable on the second f**k with lots more wine and another poem or two or three. Amanda pulls in the married men and loves it when they talk dirty, words get her nasty a*s wet.

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