Alexander Ost — Columbia, Maryland




if you’re a girl thinkin about dating this guy, then you need to watch your back. my friend in florida used to date him for like 5 years, and he used to beat her and force her to do terible things. he beat this one chick so hard he ruptred her appendix and she had to go to the hospital named tabitha because he thought she was cheating on him or something. he got my friend hooked on heroin and she gave up like everything, and then he turned real violent and aggressive and used to blame her for him stealin s**t from his dad and his brother like when he would steal his dads credit card and his money. he pawned off his brothers s**t and made it look like her fault once, and another time he had her arrested and she spent six months in jail for the b*****d, over some stupid tresspassing bullshit. he’s a heroin junkie, a liar and a thief and he will take your money and probably give you aids or something worse. he lives in columbia maryland with his dad and his brother and no matter what he says, don’t believe him. my friend is just now starting to recover her life after being with him for five years, and he still sends her messages and talks s**t about her to people that he knows is his own fault just to cover for himself and save his face so he looks better to everyone else and she’s even having a BABY soon and shes engaged to be married and he STILL wont leave her alone. hes worse than a stalker and he’ll make your life a living h**l so if you see his broke scrawny pale a*s walking down the street from luckpenny place near phelps luck in columbia maryland you should spit on the m**********r for taking your s**t because he would end up taking it anyway. im out.

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Hiding out in: Maryland By: [ Grey Star Level]

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