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• a person who deliberately avoids their responsibilities or paying their debts

We’ve all seen them: Those who practice a ‘do-nothing’ behavior and lifestyle. Not only do you have Deadbeat Dads or Moms, but also Deadbeat employees, tenants, friends, or family. Those who want to acquire everything free at another’s expense.

DeadbeatRegistry.com is a place for all deadbeat inconveniences affected by deadbeats to share their stories and photos while putting the deadbeats on blast. Posts and comments published here generally consist of rumors, speculation, assumptions, gossip, and opinions. As a result, the content and links posted here may very well contain erroneous or inaccurate information and/or information that may change over time. The owner, bloggers, posters, and moderators of this site cannot and do not ensure the accuracy of any content presented. The content posted is intended for entertainment purposes only. Nothing published here should be construed or relied upon as factual or proven, and the owner is indemnified and held harmless from any claims brought by any third party relating to any aspect of DeadbeatRegistry.com.

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The Deadbeat Registry DOES NOT intend to harm in any way. The goal of this website is to protect our visitors from future deadbeat encounters (people that could be otherwise harmful to others) and allow those inconvenienced in the past to vent and share their story.

The Deadbeat Registry is acting as a common carrier in providing an interactive computer service and as such, provides a forum for posting comments made by 3rd parties, but does not endorse, approve, or otherwise evaluate any content posted.