Tracy Breedlove, Eatonton, Georgia




Tracy Breedlove, loves black men and she cheats with them every chance she gets. She likes it deep and creampie inside her. Tracy Breedlove got married to Josh Davis back year 2010. I feel sorry for her poor husband. I bet she never told him she was cheating on him with me at that same time. I wanted to warn you of the most hateful/deadbeat mother on this earth. Tracy Breedlove will steal from you and lie to your face and her own kids. She steals from her own parents for drugs. We broke up in year 2015. Then she started stealing from our kids and she takes their money and spends it on Heroin shes stolen from me phyisically abused me and verbily abused me she stole her moms earings and pawned then for drugs its truily sad, judge made her start paying child support 2 years ago and I havent recieved a payment. she go by the name Tracy Breedlove Davis, sometimes Tracy Davis

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