Todd Girard, Illinois




I met this man when I was 16. I met him through a friend. she was trying to hook us up and I was trying to just live my life and do my school work and be a normal 16 year old. well after awhile of him blowing me up I finally decided okay we can date and try this out. well at the time I was in Texas and he was in Illinois. he ended up deciding to come down here and see me and see how we could make things work. well things were going good and everything was fine till he found out I was on birth control. we fought everyday for me not take it when I did. that went on till I got pregnant. he was around during my pregnancy but the relationship was not going good and kept getting worse. we fought so bad one day that he turned around and took my iPod that I paid $200 and something dollars for that money had come from my aunt to buy it. he then proceeded to take it with him to go for a walk and hatched this plan he was gonna rip his clothes and make it seem like he was in a fight to get cigs for that iPod. there was also times he had slept with my cousins. after awhile it got physical and he pushed me off the bed while I was 6 months pregnant with our daughter. I was two inches away from hurting my stomach. I decided there after all the physical fights this was the end and for once I was fighting back. I pushed him into our gas heater and he learned to not touch me after that. I told him he need to leave, I needed a break. we ended breaking up I stopped returning his calls until the baby was born. he never once called to see how she was or how she was doing. he found out that I had placed her up for adoption and he said I was a shitty person, I probably don’t feed the baby. he has since gone on to say how shitty I was to him and how I was mean and nasty. he has never once till this day asked about his daughter. he now has a baby boy and I guess I’m just glad he is somewhat there for him but he hasn’t once tried to see if I needed anything for our daughter. he is no good.


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