Stan Vitchner, Ohio




Warning: psychopath. Deadbeat dad – Ohio license suspended for owing over 20k in child support for a 15 year old son he abandoned in Cincinnati. 3 Dui’s. He lives in his mom’s house and she pays all his bills because he has been arrested so many times. Helikes to spend 6-7 nights a week uptown at Pawpurrs in Athens Ohio hitting on unsuspecting victims. He is a drug addict, verbally abusive when confronted. He is a professional freeloader. He hooks up with men or women and is crawling with STD’s. Run away fast. He’s violent if confronted as he likes to believe he’s a “player.” He has 6 months in jail that he will serve if caught driving with no license. Mugshots online. Hamilton county deadbeat parents search for Stanton t Vitchner will verify. Athens county Ohio municipal court will also verify my report.


Hiding out in: Ohio By: [1 Grey Star Level]

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