Renae Marie Richmond Fruitland Iowa USA




Renae Richmond cheated on her husband all the time, she fucked around till he passed away not even a week after he passed she had multiple guys sleep over.. she recently got fired from work at CHSinc for fucking her coworkers in the managers desk .. she fucks a lot of guys at her home where she lives with her 2 teen boys, always getting drunk drinking bud light. She has no shame on her Park she will fuck any guy she wants, she don’t care if they are married or got a gf. She fucked some twins named josh and Jason knopfer a the same time in her shop next to her house.. she loves to show off her fake tits plus is always tanning and dying her hair black so she you can’t see her gray hairs lol, she like to use men for money but she fucks them also in return!


Hiding out in: Iowa By: [1 Grey Star Level]

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