Jessica Leighanne, Jacksonville, Florida




Im simon, I had a recent breakup with my deadbeat girlfriend “Jessica Leighanne” after 1 year, We had a child and we moved in together and all we were happy or at least I was, I thought she was to but obviously not, if shes going to cheat on me with another woman, I found messages in her phone saying u eat my ass so good you make me feel in heaven baby and my pussy feels like a rainforest like wtf? at first I thought it was a joke you know girls joking around but then the girls husband recorded them haveing sex! and sent it to me. Her husband broke up with the girl who is fucking with my girl. let them sluts be together we say. i want to let you know they both have warts and dry dry pussy their both sluts and will cheat in a heartbeat


Hiding out in: Florida By: [1 Grey Star Level]

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