Herman Bright, Los Angeles, California




Herman Bright is a deadbeat father and he is not my type of man, he’s a liar and a user. Me and Herman Bright met each other at a local McDonalds where he took my heart, we went on sevral dates to McDonalds, I wanted to go to fancy places to eat, but McDonalds would do for now. I always wondered why he would take me anywhere else, I recentily found out that he was married when his wife and her co worker came into the same mccdonalds his wife threw her food at me and spit on me. we talked it out and i told her im not that kind of girl. I would never do something like that 1 year later were bestfriends she tells me how he dosent pay child support he dosent claim his other children I’ve seen it for myself he calls his kids bastards and mistakes and yells at me constantily telling me I shouldnt be at “His” House when his wife pays the bills dont let him charm you to full you the first time we did it he couldnt even get hard. just wanted to warn you.


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This is very true this man is a manipulating liar who will lie his way to the end.

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