Dominique Booker, Fayetteville, North Carolina




This girl leaves her kids at home to go to strip clubs and get drunk.She always drinks and beats on her kids because their dads dont want to be with her because she has menatal issues and her pussy dry.her first bd killed himself just to get away from her She has to pay for a man to want to stay with her. She in the army reserve but they dont even want her. She claims she has a degree but it’s only in stalking. She stalks and harass all the other females her bd is with to get him back.I honestly thinks she likes to eat pussy because she looks like a man. If u contact please advise the authoritys immediately.


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I know her.

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Who ever posted this is petty. I know her and her family and she is nothing to what this person said about her. I have always known for her to be a little crazy but she is nothing as described above. Dominique is not a clubbing person but when she do go out she don’t leave them babies at home. She go out when she don’t got them. If she did leave them at home it not like she don’t have a teenager at home. So whoever posted this I hope your bored or have the wrong person because slander is crime not only in the eyes of the judicial system but in the eyes of the Lord. I would like to pray for this individual because they seemed to be disturbed and need the Lord on their side. Be blessed and pray the Lord forgives you for your troubled heart, soul, and mind.

Answers Answered By: Dixie [2 Grey Star Level]
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Bless this child
I will be reaching out to Dominique to let her know about this disturbing ungodly post. I know she will be distraught with the fibs about her.

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