Danny Mcintyre, Brooklyn, New York




I recentily had a bad break up with my deadbeat ex, He had cheated on me with Vicki Jones this whore.He has 2 kids which he dosent go to see and his ex wife said he hasnt paid child support in over 4 years. my ex or ex have had a good healthy long relationship till i let Vicki Jones move in with us, it went good for the first month or two then i found text messages in his phone meet me in the bathroom in 5 mins and im horny and ur so big i just wanted to let you guys know dont let this whore next to your man or even a cm away cause she will give him everything she has which is alot of bs and stds my ex tells me he misses me that it wasnt in love he just wasnt satisfied with just 1 woman, he even asked me for a threesome, like what the fuck?!! this is for all you girls or guys dont let a woman or a man move in cause in the long run they will fuck you over! and ur gf/bf


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