Crystal Mitchell, Fayetteville, Tennessee




This woman Crystal Mitchell claims to be a faithful fiancé to Tyrone but she is worthless!! She dumped her 4 kids like they were trash for all the men and dope she can get her hands on! She just got through destroying my cousin and best friends relationship. Before that I know she was cheating on T w/ Dustin McCoy and then cheating on D w his own cousin Tyson while his dumba$$ girlfriend is right up the road at home looking dumb, so she prolly still sleepin with Tyson! All along she is supposedly happily engaged to Tyrone and this HOMEWRECKER won’t be woman enough to admit to anything! Tyrone finally got some damn sense. FAYETTEVILLE AND ALL SURROUNDING CITIES BEWARE THIS WOMAN WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A LINE OR A $ EVEN IF ITS HURTING HER OWN KIDS, THEN SHE’LL DENY EVERYTHING!!!!


Hiding out in: Tennessee By: [1 Grey Star Level]

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