Christopher M Bowman, North Carolina




This man is a non supportive deadbeat dad & cheating husband I wasted 18 years of my life put up with cheating being mistreated mentally and so unhappy we have 3 kids together he cheated on me all the time sneaky as well he lies tells people stuff behind your back DRAMA !!!!drama drama!!! & he’s a mama’s boy she will not like you. Miserable people…Oh he’s also No & I don’t believe that I have been with Chris bowman this long but I supported him he has no job or place to live,I kicked him out in December then he moved in with the neighbors house then they moved but only 4 blocks away he also has 3 adult children that doesn’t want him in their lives I WAS HIS 4th wife


Hiding out in: North Carolina By: [1 Grey Star Level]

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