Steven Alan Horwitz, Waltham, Massachusetts

CATCHMEWATER, (Steve Horwitz), dob 5/3/51, although claims to be much younger. Recently released from Billerica House of Corrections (inmate # 125010). Convicted felon: identity theft, violating multiple...

Daquan Williams, Boston, Massachusetts

This basic ass wanna be trini but black and ghetto ass fuck nigga always was a backdrop ass nigga lookin for attention, you finally got it now fat bitch, your whole family fat your basic ass will never...

Charlie Brown, Boston, Massachusetts

This deadbeat works as financial advisor at Baystate Financial..Charlie is a deeply selfish man who only cares about money, sex, and luxury. He is a complete hypocrite, then very next day he acts all religious...

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Kat Raymond, Roxbury, Massachusetts

This big doo,doo stank big flat pattie Haitian stanking ass drunk bitch, Pill popping sniffing Coke whore fucking her whore ass to the top in all them beat down reggae ass hole in the wall unity,Kay's,3C''s...

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Chanell Newton, Boston, Massachusetts

Biggest Coke head in town,Fucked the whole Boston she ran outta niggers to fuck,fucking trash can ass bum bitch who stay in cheap shit pretends to be a nurse, & own her raggedy ass house in providence...

Stephen Cribb, Roxbury, Massachusetts

This nigga Stephen Cribb has four kids that he own and like two he doesn't own but he don't take care of none of them we as mother do if this man meets you ladys please run and look the other way..

James Paul Hope, Peabody, Massachusetts

James Paul Hope resides in Peabody Ma with mother of his child living off every government benefit possible and has been reported and currently being investigated. Has payed child support but only when...

Demain Thomas, Boston, Massachusetts

18 years ago I was at my sisters house. My sisters boyfriend had friends over watching a football game. I felol asleep on the couch and a wok to a 400lb black smelly guy on top of me with his grubby sausage...

Richard W Lavoie, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Richard W Lavoie is not paying court order support, working for cash under the table and has not reported his location to court per court order. He is very bad deadbeat

Lee A Wendell, Peabody, Massachusetts

Lee has 3 children and one on the way. His oldest is 10 the next 7 the latest adopted and the a baby on the way(4 different woman) He has a website family work flow claiming he works to support these children....

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