Brandon Joseph Lulay. Colorado Springs, CO. El Paso County




He hasn’t paid since June. Told people I was a liar when I said he wasn’t paying his support. Quit his job to start his own business and now makes $20k LESS a year. He said he paid the arrears but that was early December. He is at $3500 right now but that does not include the amount I was awarded. However, the state of Colorado put me in charge of collecting that. It is compounding interest daily and is up to around $5000. He hasn’t been arrested. His license was taken (according to him) but was reinstated because he was compliant. If he is compliant, where the heck is the money? I am a struggling Paramedic student. Up until December, I had not heard from him in about 2 years. Oh and he told me that he would never go to jail. Above the law? Kind of seems like it. In the end, my daughter is the one who suffers.

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