Aaron Walker London United Kingdom (Bournemouth Just Eat)




Greater London area (UK), be careful of the nasty old faggot in the photo!
Liar, Dishonest, Manipulator,Sleaze, Creep, Pervert , Coward : these words describe this FILTHY CREEP.
Matt Smith is a pathological liar and cheater, sexual pervert, sexual deviant who routinely sleeps with shemale prostitutes, sexual predator, pedophile and physical abuser of women , who also happen to be into child pornography as well.

I was – unfortunately- with this LOSER during 4 years and he cheated on me with shemales prostitutes, trannies, Asian ladyboys for ages until he got busted and I threw his ass out!
Despite me NOT being attracted in him, he tricked me and forced me to get with him through his lies, deceits and manipulations.
Matt is ugly ( bad teeths + pimples everywhere + chicken legs) but is a very skilled manipulator.
Dont fall for his lies, manipulation, the fake “nice guy” act, which is just an act.
He was pestering me, harassing me, begging and pleading me non- stop, told me sob stories to make me pity him.
He was threatening to kill himself if I reject him and that’s how he trapped.
Because of my kindness, I eventually gave in to his relentless pursuit, but in time I figured him out.
You know whats funny? When you give a ugly guy you re unattracted to a chance because you think he s got “a good heart” but he turned out to be a complete piece of shit!

He was constantly lying and I found out he cheated on me, not with one girl, but with multiples shemales prostitutes, trannies and Asian ladyboys found online on sleazy gay , prostitutes websites, dating sites and social medias.
He saved in his contacts the mail adress/phone number of brothels like “londonbody2body”, a brothel in Chinatown, so clearly he routinely goes to brothels.
He has tons of secrets profiles that he uses to contact prostitutes, trannies and Asian ladyboys, and solicit sexual acts in exchange of money. ( he even got an instagram just for his PAID sexual encounters…pathetic)
He has use the username “smithmatt007” online to think that he can hide behind the computer. I found out because thats his SKYPE. Since I exposed him he changed his username, but make no mistake. This DOG is prowling prostitutes on the internet all the time because he cant score in real life!
He even adds these random whores/ prostitutes on facebook claiming they re “friends”,but in fact 99% of his “facebook friends” dont even know this creep, because they re just prostitutes looking for clients on internet .
Thats how he got busted ! I was wondering where and how he’d met all these weird looking shemales so I contacted one who told me met Matt on a site and he offered her/him money for sex, saying he was “single” when in fact we were together since years!
I confronted him and he had to admit.
He’s quick to play the victim when he gets caught!
Begged me to take him back, told me how he thinks the trannies he cheated with are “gross, ugly,disgusting”…Of course, I sent them the screenshots of his messages so they could see what this “nice sincere” guy really thinks of them!
Coward and two faced liar that lies to everyone!
He talks bad of everyone, behind their back cause he’s a pussy coward!

When I found out he’s been sucking all these cocks, fucking prostitutes on the side, I went to get tested and found out this DIRTY PIECE OF SHIT gave me STDs.
He also contacts children online to groom them , this fucking sicko needs to be locked up!

Now I just want to warn people out, women and men ( since he loves shemales ‘ dick too) to be careful of this DIRTY ANIMAL!

He’s good at pretending to be nice, but when you get to know him better you will see that all he does is lying, he just wants to use you for sex or your money!
I’m not only one he messed with. The fat mexican girl Carolina Salas he was with before me , says he cheated on her too.
Once a cheater always a cheater!

This UGLY CUNTFACE thinks he’s hot . He is an inbred horseface with a small tiny dick that ejaculates prematurely , and lives in horrible place where he leaves skidmarks everywhere! Horrible!

London – United Kingdom – Clapham – Bournemouth

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